Get To Know Your New Neighborhood

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Get To Know Your New Neighborhood

Moving can be exciting -- everything is new!!  That includes not only your home, but also where you shop, find new friends, community activities, where to eat.  And that can be a little stressful and scary, let's face it!!  That goes for whether your move is to the next town over (or two) or to another State altogether.  Here's a few tips to get you thinking outside the box of where to begin:

** Drive around the area and find parks, the post office, the closest grocery store, a favorite chain restaurant, mall, bank, hospital, swimming pool, local coffee shop to hang out, etc.

** Walk the neighborhood and make a map, marking down street names, bike paths, parks, tennis courts, etc.

** Don’t wait for the neighbors to come introduce themselves. On the weekend, whip up a batch of cookies and go door to door, introducing yourself and distributing goodies.  (This is a good one -- why not be the one to make that first step to introducing yourself?  Sounds crazy -- but try it!)

** Subscribe to the community newspaper or magazine for lists of local events, discount coupons to local businesses, etc. (or "like" your town/county Facebook page to keep informed on upcoming events)

** Have children?  Go to the library, where your kids can sign up for reading contests, book clubs and check out books, videos and magazines that will keep them occupied while you’re trying to get the new house whipped into shape.

** Go to the local recreation center and sign up for classes.

** Participate in your new community. Join your homeowners association and attend the meetings. Join the PTA. Volunteer at the local food bank.

Your new neighborhood will feel like home in no time.